Prof. Dr. Günter Zwicknagel

Institut für Theoretische Physik
Department Physik
Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg
Staudtstraße 7
D-91058 Erlangen

Tel (+49) 9131 / 8528813
Fax (+49) 9131 / 8528907


  B2, 00.504

Scientific Interests and Research Activities

  • General topics:
  •                 Many-body dynamics of Coulomb systems
                    Interaction of charged particles and light with matter/plasma
                    Transport- and optical/dielectric properties of dense plasma

  • Specific topics and systems:
  •                 Interaction of charged particles with plasma:
                               Ion-electron interaction/collisions in an external magnetic field
                               Cooling of ions and antiprotons in storage rings and traps, electron cooling of highly charged ions in HITRAP(@GSI)
                               High energy electron cooling in storage rings (in HESR@GSI)
                               Energy loss of heavy ions in plasma, nonlinear heavy ion stopping, correlation effects in cluster-ion-beam stopping
                               Ion-electron recombination in storage rings
                    Dynamic properties of dense, nonideal plasma:
                               Response and correlation functions, dielectric properties
                               Dynamic structure factor and conductivity of two-component plasmas
                               Electric microfields and their influence on atomic/ionic spectra
                    Hydrogen under extreme pressure, metal-insulator transition in dense hydrogen
                    Dynamics of large clusters in intense laser fields, nanoplamas
                    Intense particle beams in accelerator structures, halo formation

  • Methods:
  •                 Molecular-dynamics (MD) simulations
                    Wave-packet simulations (MD and Monte-Carlo)
                    Particle--in--Cell (PIC) simulations
                    Classical-Trajectory-Monte-Carlo (CTMC) simulations